The Road to Recovery

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction?

We can offer fast and safe admissions for any day of the week. We understand how important it is to act upon the motivation to get the treatment required, and begin the first steps towards successful recovery.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our warm & friendly team. You will be given the option to have a tour of the Hub with family and/or friends before saying your farewells.

Once you’ve had a look around the hub you will be introduced to the other residents and helped to settle into the routine of the Recovery Hub. You will have been assigned a peer buddy, who will help you settle in and show you the ropes during your first couple of days.

One of our recovery workers will then begin your admission, this will allow us to ask you about your current circumstances and other things that will help plan your treatment with us, and explain what you can expect from your time here.

This will be closely followed by a clinical assessment with our nurse, who will create your detoxification regime that will be designed to best meet your needs.

We will help you unpack your bags, with you present, before showing you to your room and giving you some time to settle in.

The Recovery Hub Ipswich has excellent links with the local midwifery service, with expert treatment on hand we are able to offer detoxification in the second trimester of pregnancy in a safe and supportive environment.

Please call our trained and professional team on 0300 030 33 33 for a private and confidential conversation.

Self Funding the cost of addiction treatment

Our treatment programme is tailored to individual needs. Our current statistics for successful completions is over 90%.

If you, friend or a relative is in a position to self-fund treatment then please call 0300 030 33 33 where we will be able to explain the treatment options available. If appropriate we will take some details and begin the assessment process.

Private admissions can be arranged immediately
Your assessment will cover physical, psychological and emotional health needs to ensure that our facilities and programme are suitable. Once our assessment has been completed and the treatment programme is suitable, an admission date may be agreed.

Statutory Organisation Referrals

If you are working for or with a statutory organisation and would like more information on our treatment facility then please make contact now on 0300 030 33 33 where we will be able to explain more and if required arrange a tour of our service.

Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment

You may be able to gain fast access healthcare treatment under the terms of your private insurance policy.

Whether you are able to pay privately or not, we would suggest in the first instance that you check the terms of any insurance policies they you may have taken out.

We have relationships with many of the UK’s leading and reputable insurance companies and are able to work with you and your policy.

If you do choose to activate your insurance policy we are able to liaise on your behalf. Normally funds are made available within 48 hours.

How do I apply via my insurance policy?
To activate your policy please look at your general or employment health insurance policy. Typically your policy will not include detoxification so please check with your insurer before applying.

Helping with Addiction in the Workplace

Have you found your employees struggling with:

  • Punctuality/Absenteeism
  • Long term sickness
  • Performance
  • Erratic behaviour
  • Accidents and Incidents

Many organisations now have policies on testing

Employers who offer assistance through access to treatment are also encouraging employees with problems to come forward. Early Intervention and effective treatment can lead to key staff being retained.

We can accept an employee for treatment as the need arises but we can add value by working with you to develop a process to access assistance which is considerate and efficient.

We are able to provide education and training for your staff so that potential problems can be identified earlier and successful interventions made. If you wish to discuss treatment please call 0300 030 33 33.

Helpful Information & What to Bring

If you are taking any medication then please bring 28 days worth of your current prescription medication in the original pharmacy packaging.

Ideally bring 7 days worth of comfortable clothing as you will be spending some of your time within a group and 1-1 therapeutic setting.

If you wish to take part in Recreational Activities such as attending to the gym, swimming or going on walks, you will need to bring suitable clothing.

Having a small amount of spending money can come in handy as there are plenty of local shops near to the Recovery Hub.


“We believe that everyone has the capacity to recover”