Another Day In Paradise – Simon Walker


Another day in paradise that’s what they tell me so.
It must be that prescription that keeps there heads afloat.
Finding dreams & colours makes sense to all who see,
it’s all because there off there heads on something nice & cheap.
Will it be a bottle of cider that doesn’t know what fruit is,
or will it be a barbaric mix that strips thee enamel from your teeth.
When you think about it & really use your brain,
it all points towards addiction which is such a crying shame.
Some people go through detox, some people choose NA
Some people don’t choose anything because they DIE along the way.
Addiction will strip you of everything you’ve got.
It has no favoured misfortunes it’ll take the bloody lot.
So next time your head tells you that smoking Crack, Smack or drinking Frosty Jack is ok.
Just think where it will take you & hope it doesn’t want to play.

Simon Walker
Recovery Worker
The Recovery Hub Ipswich