Addiction Support Groups Near Me

Search for local mutual aid meetings by clicking on the name of the organisation:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

SMART Recovery

Families Anonymous

AL-ANON Family Groups

Co Dependants Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

If we have missed any mutual aid groups, please do not be offended but please do send us an email with the details to: so we can update our site.

Even with the address and directions meetings can be hard to find. Some groups display their group logo at the door but it is a good idea to set out early in case you have trouble finding the meeting.

Remember if it is your first meeting or you do not feel comfortable going alone speak to the helplines available, where they will be able to arrange for a companion to meet you beforehand

If you are new or coming back after a break it is recommended that your attend as many meetings as possible. This can be costly if they require transport.

Once you have been a few times you are likely to meet people who live locally whom will be only too happy to give you a lift. Remember everyone has been in your position so they are often happy to help. Their own recovery programme often depends on this, so you might be doing them a favour!

Joining a Group
  • Shows others and you that you are committed to your recovery
  • The 12 step group you join (your home group)is usually where you will find a sponsor
  • Attending at least one group regularly (weekly perhaps) will help you to develop closer relationships and feel a part of the group
  • As a group member there is a greater expectation that you will regularly attend that meeting. This can help on those days when you are looking for any reason not to go
  • Most of the large mutual aid organisations will also run online recovery communities and groups. Consider carefully with another the pros and cons of such groups for you.

“We believe that everyone has the capacity to recover”