Illegal Xanax use

Glad to see the steady rise of online purchased ‘xanax’ being highlighted by the BBC.

At the Recovery Hub Ipswich we have seen increasing numbers of young and older people coming into our service experiencing a wide variety of symptoms caused by using this type of drug. Buying online seems increasingly common, clients both young and old have found themselves suffering anxiety issues, mental health issues amongst other symptoms. Because the product is illegally produced it contains an unknown quantity of various drugs, the untested nature of the pills exposes any user to huge amounts of risk.

This presents treatment services like ours with particular challenges, we have developed a flexible prescribing scheme that effectively manages the presenting symptoms and keeps the client safe as they progress through their detoxification.
The team have refined our approach, modifying our medication, group and therapeutic programme to help clients engage as well as they can with the treatment provided to them. The gradual introduction into recovery seems to be paying off and clients are fully engaged in recovery within two – three weeks.

As access to online drugs gets easier, delivery to the door seems simple; then we will, as a society, face a growing challenge in both mental health and addiction services as the consequences of unlicensed drug use emerges. The simple truth is these online drugs are not licensed, not produced in the appropriate facilities and contain unknown and potentially dangerous chemicals. If ever the term buyer beware applies then it certainly does with these so called ‘xanax’.

By Simon Aalders