Laying the foundation

12 step, CBT, relapse prevention, 1:1 therapy and keywork sessions, holistic therapies, art therapy, gym, other physical activities and spirituality.

The Recovery Hub Ipswich’s treatment program is designed to offer you the tools necessary to gain and maintain recovery.

We do this by first introducing you to the concepts of the 12 step fellowships

In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), we help you create coping strategies and understand what influences your behavior.

Relapse preventions is designed to help you understand what obstacles you may face and how to overcome them when they arise.

1:1 therapies help you dig a little deeper into understanding yourself and how you cope with certain situations.

Your key worker will help you bring together your learning from all aspects of your recovery and will assess your treatment needs, helping you to structure your program and support you with your post-graduation treatment plan.

The Recovery Hub Ipswich also maintains a holistic approach by offering alternative therapies such as, art therapy, auricular acupuncture, gym and walks in the surrounding areas. These are designed to help you realise the positive possibilities from a life in recovery.

On your second weekend, you are welcome to have visits which your key worker will support you with, to help you rebuild and maintain healthy relationships with your friends and loved ones.

“We believe that everyone has the capacity to recover”