RHI – Two Years Old

The Recovery Hub Ipswich is now two years in operation. It’s been an all consuming journey so I must thank my family for their patience and tolerance of the long hours, challenging times and lack of time off! That said it has been a tremendous and life affirming experience, supporting well over 350 people into meaningful recovery, learning about and maintaining our own recoveries and overseeing the flourishing of a residential treatment centre that sees over 90% of residents successfully complete treatment with us, and over 33% of people extend their time with us to gain a greater understanding about their own recoveries and how to live healthier and happier lives.

Our guiding principle was inspired by the words of Mark Gilman –Everyone can recover, we don’t know who will recover but everyone must be given every opportunity”. Combined with the principles of healthy living by living with Respect for all things, Honesty in all you do, Gentleness – go with process don’t fight it and Service – how can I help others? We have found that these principles have created an environment that accepts and nurtures the individual, improves health, spiritual growth and lifestyle change.

As we cross the two year line we are now firmly established with AA, NA and CA meetings every week at the Hub, with all welcome. We regularly have 30+ attendees to our meetings so the Recovery community is growing and the message of recovery is strong.

With the Spring comes new growth, and we have now gained a new Team Manager, and an additional Senior Recovery worker, alongside a new admissions coordinator.

You can keep up to date with all we do here at the Hub by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram, or you can check out our website at www.recoveryhubipswich.com.

Wishing you all success in all you do ~ Simon Aalders (Director – Recovery Hub Ipswich)