Simon Aalders

Director and Nominated Individual

Simon returned to Suffolk in 1999 after working in addiction treatment in London. Simon has worked in, and lead community drug and alcohol services in Suffolk, established a community day programme in Ipswich (Crossroads) and a Community Drop-in centre in Mildenhall.

After working in the Home Office and leading the community drug team in the west of Suffolk in the early 2000’s Simon took over the leadership of the Drug and Alcohol Action Team in 2005. Notable achievements include a leading role in developing and implementing the Prostitution Strategy in 2006/7, winning the 2008 Municipal Journal Top Team award, Home Office Top Team Award 2008, lead the first open market reorganisation of drug and alcohol treatment services in Suffolk, lead the Reducing the Strength campaign tackling street drinking and homelessness in Ipswich and other towns and cities in the UK, being Local Government Chronicle finalist for this work.

With 30 years of experience in substance misuse treatment from areas as diverse as Glasgow, London, Northampton and Ipswich, Simon brings a very wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to the leadership of the project. Establishing the Recovery Hub in 2016 fulfills a life long ambition of developing a treatment and recovery centre that is accessible and successful in treating all types of addictions.