Three Years of Changing Lives

3 Years of The Recovery Hub Ipswich

It is fair to say that the three years since The Recovery Hub Ipswich (RHI) first opened its doors have passed quickly.  During that time I have been privileged to see many positive changes, with RHI, the people it has served and in myself.  Change is the one constant of life that none of us can escape, bringing with it both the good and sometimes the bad.  What is also certain is that without change, growth and renewal would not be possible.  Growth and renewal are at the heart of RHI.


Three years ago it would have been hard to imagine the impact RHI was going to have in so many people’s lives.  It started off small and grew rapidly.  I remember the handful of first clients who came through the doors; each one of them struggling with addiction, behavioural and emotional problems.  RHI had a smaller team back then, and everyone working hard to ensure that the clients we treated were introduced to the basics of 12-step recovery and therapy.  For me personally this time was a steep learning curve.  I had initially only come to RHI to volunteer and to assist my application to a university course… I was not prepared for how it would even change my life.

It wasn’t long before more skilled therapists and recovery workers joined the team, as we expanded into neighbouring properties and the number of clients that we were able to treat also increased from 6 to 17.  There were changes for me also, as I continued to learn more about the 12-steps and the science of addiction.  I was mentored by a number of senior members of RHI staff at this time to which I owe a lot.  The time to go to university came around and I was confronted with a decision.  Do I continue to work at RHI or do what I initially set out to do?  This was not an easy decision and I decided to stay because I truly believe that there is no better place for me to have a positive impact in people’s lives than here.

RHI has continued to refine and develop its treatment programme and I was thankful to be able to contribute my ideas and experiences.  Over the last 3 years my own career has evolved here.  I became a Senior Recovery Worker, then Operations Manager and now am proud to say I am the Registered Manager.  Instead of following the traditional path to University, RHI supports me in studying an apprenticeship degree.

Since RHI first opened its doors in April 2016 we have treated 379 individuals for the disease of addiction.  We have facilitated numerous friends and family interventions.  We have promoted the values and principles of 12-step fellowship and provided a place of stability and calm for the still suffering addict.  I hope we continue to evolve at RHI, in the safe knowledge that if we apply the same 12-step principles to our working lives, that will lead to further growth and success for this vibrant organisation.